The guidelines are supposed to support those who work in catastrophe protection. As a part of training programs of various target groups it can sensitize to the needs of visually and hearing impaired and intellectual and physically disabled people in case of disaster and establish a sense of confidence in first responders, caregivers  and professionals in handling these situations appropriately.
The guidelines were developed based on the results of literature analysis, quantitative and qualitative studies as well as the national and international workshops and trainings. They take needs and requirements of visual and hearing impaired and intellectual and physically disabled people into account.
The guidelines are based on current research standards and best practices as well as the already existing national and European guidelines. The guidelines consider different topics from first response aid to mid- to long-term psychosocial treatment after intense stressful situations took place.

The guidelines are sorted by the target group the guidelines are related to and can be found here:

Hearing impairment               

Visually impairment                

Mental disability                

Physical disability


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