Research Visual Impairment


Qualitative Study on blind and visually impaired individuals - Norway

Within the Project EUNAD the norwegian colleagues of the Norwegian Center of Violance & Traumatic Stress Studies conducted a qualitative study with the overarching aim to achieve knowledge than can be helpful in developing measures that can help people with visual impairments during and after disasters. Examples of how visually impaired people experience safety and risk, disaster situations and how they cope with post-traumatic stress after accidents, violence, and disasters were collected. The aim of the Research project was to expand the established knowledge of a vulnerable population. Such knowledge can be beneficial to national, regional and local authorities in planning and organizing emergencies, for response personnel, for disability organizations and may lead to better care for disabled people during and after serious incidents.

For more information download: Report and Poster

Analysis of national and European projects focusing on psychosocial support for disabled citizens in critical incidents and disaster - Germany

The last 15 years, the European Commission (EC) funded various projects, which aimed to develop and optimize quality standards and multidisciplinary guidelines (MG) in psychosocial crisis management (PSCM) as well as to foster networking of the involved institutions and professionals. Beside general guidelines on PCM some projects focus on different aspects:

  • the needs and demands of specific sections of the population, e.g. children, migrants, elder citizens
  • PCM in cases of terrorist attacks
  • focusing on professionals, the target groups are e.g. uniformed services and hospital staff
  • PTSD, early intervention, mid- and long term psychosocial aftercare
  • the development of victims associations
  • building up a network

For more information download: List of projects

Literatur study on hearing and visually impairment - Czech Republic

Within the Project EUNAD the Czech colleagues of the Charles University conducted a literature study on the field of psychosocial crisis management for assisting people with hearing or visually impairment. The list refers to the analysed literature sorted by focus: Theory/ Research, Guides/ Manuals/ Drill, Recommendations/ Policy and Technical Solutions.

For more information download: List of literature

A population study on traumatic experiences, coping and mental health, in blind and visually impaired individuals - Norway

The aim of the EUNAD-IP study done by the colleagues of the Norwegian Center of Violance & Traumatic Stress Studies was to examine what kind of potential traumatic events is experienced by visually impaired individuals, how reactions to traumatic events is manifested and coped with, and how they deal with potential threats.

For more information download: Presentation and Abstracts