Training Visual Impairment

Pilot Training: Psychosocial Intervention for people with sensual disabilities - Germany BBK

The Pilot Training about "Intervention with Deaf - Needs in acute crisis situations" took place on the 7th of December 2016 at the Centre for Psychotraumatology in Krefeld. The Training was held with 16 representatives working in different areas of psychosocial crisis management: school psychology, crisis intervention teams, fire brigade, pastoral care and psychology in emergencies, rescue service and experts for sensual disabilities and human aid and civil protection from the council of Europe.

For more Information download: Report and Program (German)

Pilot Training: Communication of the members of IZS (Integrated rescue system) with people with visual or hearing impairment - Czech Republic

On 19th and 20th May 2014 the pilot trainings of the EUNAD project took place at the Department of Psychology Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. On the 19th of May, there where 37 participants attending the training, these where mostly police psychologist, psychologist of the fire brigade, psychologists of the ministry of the interior and intervents from the fire brigade. On the 20th of May, there were 44 participants, these were mostly fire fighters and the psychologists of the firebrigade. Primary goal of the course was deepening the knowledge and skills of psychologists and intervents of IZS in the field of work with people with visual and hearing impairment or disability during the crisis, catastrophes and critical incidents. Another goal was to provide sources for further education of all professionals (members of IZS). Important point of the trainings was also a creation of networking among the different groups, that participate on management of crisis situations - during the whole process - from preparatedness, during their acute phase, to the follow-up solutions and to offer a platform for exchange of practical experience.

For more Information download: Report and Presentations (Czech)

Pilot Training: Visual impairment and Trauma, implications for clinical practice - Norway

The Norwegian colleagues held in total eight trainings for six different target groups within the EUNAD-IP project. 

22nd of September 2017: Training for user organisations
7th of September and the 18th of October 2017: Training for clinical psychologist
11th of September and the 2nd of October 2017: Training for medical students
27th of September 2017: Training for medical doctors
12th January 2017: Training for the staff of "The Norwegian National Unit for Hearing and mental health" and the user organization "Advisory Office for Vision and Hearing"
15th February 2018: Training for the staff of the Oslo University Hospital, Department for mental health and aging

For more Information download: Report