Research Hearing Impairment

Qualitative study on people with hearing impairment - Denmark

The danish colleagues of the University of Southern Denmark have developed an interview guide, which examined the experiences of hearing impaired people in Denmark with psychosocial crises management, their coping strategies and recommendations for first responders and mental health professionals. The aim of the study was to develop and implement guidelines for best practice. 

For more Information download: Report, Article and Poster

Special needs and challenges in the medical rehabilitation of hearing impaired - Germany CoP

Within the framework of the EUNAD IP project, the Centre of Psychotraumatology (CoP) of the Alexianer Krefeld GmbH did a mainly qualitative based study. The goal was to identify challenges, requirements and coping skills in rehabilitation treatments for hearing impaired individuals. Furthermore, it was the intention to develop procedural proposals for the psychosocial aftercare as a consequence of  different catastrophes  which are orientated on the specific situation of hearing impaired individuals.

For more Information download: Report