Training Physical disability


Pilot Training: Communication between bodies of the Integrated Rescue System and people with mental or cognitive and physical impairment - Czech Republic

Two pilot courses within the terms of the EUNAD IP project, attended by 82 people, took place on 27 March and 6 June 2017, on the premises of the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University. A course was held on 27 March 2017 for psychology students of the Faculty of Psychology at Charles University in Prague and representatives of the academic sphere, and was attended by 23 people. A course was held on 6 June 2017, intended chiefly for psychologists and crisis intervention workers of the Czech Police and the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. This course was also attended by representatives of the Czech Armed Forces and organisations specialising in mental health care. A total of 56 experts attended the event. The primary goal of the course was to expand the knowledge and skills of psychologists and IRS intervention workers in the field of work with people with mental, intellectual or motor impairment, and also to describe the principles and outputs of the previous EUNAD project (people with vision and hearing impairment).

For more information download: Report and Presentations (Czech)

Pilot Training - Denmark

One pilot course within the terms of the EUNAD IP project, took place on 22 September 2017 at the University of Southern Denmark. Ask Elklit presented the Danish National Centre for Psychotraumatology, the EUNAD project and the psychological mechanisms in trauma reactions. Susanne Olsen, National President for The Danish Association of the Physically Disabled, presented the specific challenges of physically disabled individuals face in a crisis. Adnan Todorovac and Louise Simonsen, volunteering interns at the Danish National Centre for Psychotraumatology, presented the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the EUNAD project and findings from the EUNAD study on physically disabled individuals in crisis situations. Carsten Fladmose Madsen, chief physician at the orthopedic surgery department of Odense University Hospital, held a presentation regarding the immediate treatment of physically disabled in disasters with few or many victims. Ellen Madsen, physiotherapist at the Special Hospital for Polio and Accident Patients, held a presentation regarding the specialised rehabilitation of patients with disabilities after an accident or a disaster. Mariann Krogh, psychologist and mother of a physically disabled individual, held a presentation regarding the psychological aspects of accidents with disabled individuals and involvement of relatives. The goal of the day - to learn more about physical disability in a crisis and to create guidelines for helping the physically disabled.

For more information download: Report