Research Mental Disability


Identification and mapping of MHPSS Guidelines: A synthesis research report on key points resulting from the inventory - Austria

The research done by the University of Innsbruck consisted of literature research and analysis, expert interviews and case studies. Both qualitative and quantitative studies are used to develop a handbook on specific needs, reactions and MHPSS (mental health psycho-social support) interventions for persons with mental disabilities in disaster settings.

For more information download: Report and Presentation

Needs and reactions of mentally impaired in case of disaster and possible supportive interventions for caregivers - Germany

This study was conducted by the colleagues of the Centre of Psychotraumatology (CoP) and focused on mentally impaired survivors. Due to the lack of knowledge about the needs and posttraumatic reactions of mentally impaired as well as missing management requirements and support structures there is a necessity to emphasize useful information about experiences and behaviour of mentally disabled in case of disasters.

For more informations download: Report